2017 Conference

Student Success & Retention Conference
Playing for Keeps: Best Practices in Student Success and Retention

Keynote Presented by Jonathan Mooney, Neurodiversity:  A Compass to Changing the World

For the Plenary, Dr. Mary Rittling, President of Davidson County Community College, and expert on the integration of Guided Pathways as a student success model will be presenting, discussion will be followed by a Q&A session.


Students in Distress: Examples include strategies for working with students experiencing challenging life situations such as marginalization; trauma; food, housing, or financial insecurity; unemployment/underemployment; emotional, mental, and physical health challenges; victimization; and student conduct or other behavioral concerns .

Equity and Inclusion: Examples include practices, interventions, and structural reforms that strengthen equity for all groups of students including outreach, access, student support services, basic skills, course success, completion of educational goals, and transfer.

Pathways and Partnerships: Examples include programs which built internal (with other departments) and external (other institutions, community organizations) partnerships to help students successfully connect, progress and complete their goals and partnerships which create pathways that support strong transitions throughout students’ educational journey.

Retention and Best Practices: Examples include student development, learning, and teaching theories that support student success; increasing student engagement and connection opportunities; leading transformational change; programs/services that align with student success indicators.

Organization representing student services administrators for Oregon's 17 Community Colleges